Chris Altmann & Que Paso

You may or may not know that Chris has been busy writing a bunch of tunes in the key of country soul and bluegrass. Most of these tunes don’t quite fit the regular Vandas format, so Chris has harnessed a few good friends to form Chris Altmann & Que Paso.

The band made its grand debut with two sets at the Carringbush Hotel, Abbottsford, on Sunday, 28 June

We’ll keep you updated on key happenings here, but for more information and the latest news, visit Chris’s Facebook page.

And fear not Vandas fans – not only do The Vandas have a bunch of great gigs coming up, but Chris and Mikey have a slew of new Vandas tunes that the band will be demoing and debuting live soon. Stay tuned…

UPDATE: Chris & Que Paso now also have a Myspace page and are playing a Sunday evening residency in August at the Marquis of Lorne in Fitzroy.

The band also has a show at the Retreat Hotel in Brunswick on Sunday, 20 September before Chris heads solo to North America for a few gigs and a well-earned vacation.

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