So, what have we been doing?

Yes, true believers, it has been ages. Call us slack but that’d be harsh, now wouldn’t it?

So, what have we been doing?

Well, making records! Not Vandas records (just yet), but great ones nonetheless.

The Gin Club

Gus and his Gin Club cohorts released their brilliant fourth album, ‘Deathwish’, back in April. If you missed them on their current run of dates, never fear, they’ll be doing an even bigger tour in November.

Chris Altmann & Que Paso

Not to be outdone, Chris releases his debut solo album, ‘Que Paso,’ on CD and VINYL this week! You can steam the whole album, and purchase said CD and vinyl directly from Chris’s website, or pick up a copy from The Basement Discs, Pure Pop Records, and The Last Record Store shortly. Here’s a taste:

Chris and his excellent band, Que Paso (yes, album name and band name), launch the record at the Thornbury Theatre on Saturday, 18 September. Ticket details via the Thornbury Theatre website.


Last but not least, Mikey’s psychedelic jam outfit, Gruntbucket, are set to release their debut album in the coming weeks. If you’ve been lucky to have witnessed one of the band’s rare live appearances, you’ll know the kind of fuzz-drenched awesomeness to expect! Stooges, Schmooges!

We’ll keep you posted on Gruntbucket release dates and launches.

…The Vandas

As for The Vandas, we can’t give any firm live or recording dates yet – as you can imagine, all of the above is keeping us purdy busy over the coming months, but rest assured gigs and a shitload of new songs are forthcoming!

Thanks for your patience – hope to see you at a Gin Club/Que Paso/Gruntbucket show!

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