Slow Burn

Two EPs, one LP, two Big Day Outs, and countless shows with the likes of Elvis Costello, The Beasts of Bourbon, You Am I, The Drones and The Stems. The Vandas have packed a lot into ten years, albeit not all under that appellation.

Having come to prominence in the mid-2000s on the back rave reviews for their song-writing and live shows, in recent years the band has evolved into something of a supergroup in reverse. The band’s members have collectively appeared on or produced close to a dozen albums of their own solo work or those of their peers and been in demand as live guns for hire.

On top of multi-instrument duties for Lobby Lloyd, Tim Rogers, Wagons, Susannah Espie, Van Walker and Emma Russack to name a few, vocalist-guitarist Chris Altmann relocated to North America in 2011 and is to release the second of two critically acclaimed solo country soul albums in 2012.

Vocalist-guitarist Mikey Madden’s fuzz psych trio, Gruntbucket, released its EG Award-nominated second album ‘Songs From An Empty Room’ earlier in 2012.

Gus Agars can also be seen pounding the skins for The Gin Club, Tim Rogers, Mike Noga, and Tex Perkins & The Dark Horses, while Julien Chick supplies the bottom end for Mick Thomas’ Roving Commission and Michael Meeking & The Lost Souls.

But The Vandas are much more than the sum of their parts. Over the years, the seemingly disparate musical tendencies of its members have managed to combine to striking effect; especially on their much lauded 2008 debut album, ‘Slow Burn’.

With Altmann spending most of his time between Toronto and Nashville, the days The Vandas are a rarely seen creature. Regardless, when the opportunity presents, the band loves playing live and the desire to one day record a follow up to ‘Slow Burn’ still… burns.

How time flies.

The Vandas are:

Angus Agars: drums, percussion, backing vocals
Chris Altmann: lead and backing vocals, guitars, keys, pedal steel guitar
Julien Chick: bass, backing vocals
Mikey Madden: guitars, lead and backing vocals